Argo Adventure Labs Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats build stronger teams and stronger individuals. These retreats include all of the benefits of our highly curated re:charge sessions; beautiful locations, personal empowerment, rest and relaxation, along with personalized fitness and nutrition programs. In addition, we will also collaborate with corporate contacts to focus on the specific values you wish to instill.

A retreat is an excellent option way to deepen employee engagement and to create cohesion and deeper personal interaction among team members. Take your projects to the next level, or get a fresh start. They’re also great for smoothing out transitions, such as the creation of a new team. The entire group will be corporate, helping to foster camaraderie and community.

Rather than send your best and brightest team members to a simple beach party, only to have them come home destroyed and exhausted, invest in  them with a wellness reward.

Corporate retreats enable high-performance people to function at consistently higher levels. Employees will come home feeling rejuvenated and improved, ready to tackle whatever challenges lay ahead. This is a benefit to both the employee and the company. Reward your highest performers with a retreat and empower them with the skills to excel even further.

Solidify Your Company Culture

Take your employees away from everything that is caging their ideas and creativity, their social ability, and their overall wellness. A routine meeting in the regular conference room leads to ordinary thinking. People are often preoccupied with the stresses and obligations of life outside of the office, and are unable to focus on the task at hand. In a new environment, removed from the usual routine, people start connecting on a more human level. Creativity flourishes.
This is the perfect opportunity to develop ideas and allow each person’s core strengths to come to the fore. What happens outside of the regular work environment is key to team building.

Let Argo Adventure Labs curate your next adventure for you.