Custom Retreats

Argo Advernture Labs custom retreats are great for any group who wants a customized trip centered on health and wellbeing. This is a perfect option for Bachelor or Bachelorette gatherings, groups of friends, and family retreats.

These highly customizable retreats allow you to choose from one of several beautiful locations, then select your desired activities and meetings, and even fitness professionals. We will plan everything for you, but you still have the freedom to choose everything à la carte.

Enjoy a chance to explore different parts of the world while participating in a deeply transformative experience, integrating fitness, fun, exotic charm, luxury, and spirituality.

Custom retreats for any occassion

for example:


Bachelor/ Bachelorette




Religious or Lifestyle

Let Argo Adventure Labs curate your next adventure for you. We will help you reconnect with your body through fun activities, detox, and nutritious food. Get in touch with your natural environment in a beautiful location. Learn to be fully present and reduce stress.

Argo Adventure Labs empowers high-performance individuals to recharge and acquire new skills that will enable them to push themselves further than before. Part of being productive is knowing how to maintain energy and focus. We want to empower you to meet the high demands of your profession and daily life. The retreat is just the beginning of the healing process. The Argo team will continue to support your ongoing health and wellness journey, helping you put your new skills to use.

Fitness and nutrition professionals will help you customize and achieve your fitness goals, maintain healthy eating habits, and more. We know the stresses of daily life can pull you in all directions.

We believe any situation can be overcome with discipline and the right mindset. An Argo Adventure Labs retreat is more than a vacation, it’s training for everyday life.

Let Argo Adventure Labs curate your next adventure for you.