Our Team

Every Argo Adventures re:charge session will feature a World-class dream team of deeply passionate experts
that will integrate our core team with best-in-class local chefs, tour operators and fitness experts.

We have chosen carefully to ensure that we can offer a broad range of skills and expertise to bring you
a truly elite experience that is versatile and adaptable to any desired level of fitness.
The intention is to create an experience that will immerse you in a sense of place and, help you stand in your power with authenticity.

As an added bonus, we will help you to develop a truly international community of like-minded friends and fellow adventurers around the world.

Debbie Sugrue 

International fitness and business coach

Right now is the youngest you will ever be for the rest of your life. Enjoy it

Debbie Sugrue has always had a passion for all things active, loving to dance, climb, cycle, jump, run and of course yoga and active meditation has been something she has been doing naturally even as a child.

Debbie is the founder and CEO of Agostopia International .  A leading provider of online coaching for people worldwide. Debbie feels that her passion for helping others comes from being an older sibling. ”I have a natural gravitation towards helping someone as though they are my little sister”.

Debbie believes in keeping people active and feeling alive, both mentally and physically. If you feel great within everything you do in life will be exciting and even over coming challenges and obstacles can offer great benefits if you tackle them with a free and clear mind.

She deals with her clients in multiple avenues with a hands-on approach to re-training client’s bodies and minds to optimize movement and function in the body, and more importantly deal with life situations positively. This is key to keeping your energy for important self-nourishing, empowering tasks you prefer to work on.

Debbie has been traveling for six years, while developing a world-class coaching business. Having her on the team is a very valuable as the time you spend with her during your Argo Adventure will give you pure insight in how she lives day to day. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable in finding the absolute best Bali experiences by doing this full time herself.  ”If I don’t do it myself then, I won’t offer advice on it”