Our Team

Every Argo Adventures re:charge session will feature a World-class dream team of deeply passionate experts
that will integrate our core team with best-in-class local chefs, tour operators and fitness experts.

We have chosen carefully to ensure that we can offer a broad range of skills and expertise to bring you
a truly elite experience that is versatile and adaptable to any desired level of fitness.
The intention is to create an experience that will immerse you in a sense of place and, help you stand in your power with authenticity.

As an added bonus, we will help you to develop a truly international community of like-minded friends and fellow adventurers around the world.

Embark on a week full of adventure, fitness, and great food

Ellen de Jonge

Yogi in Chief

If you let Yoga be a part of your daily life Magic happens, practice… and let it happen.

Originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ellen moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2001. In Playa del Carmen is where she did her first Yoga practice and right away felt that this was her life changing moment. She embraced the practice and science of Yoga daily and became an E-RYT with the Yoga alliance and has been, and still is, studying with many great teachers. As they say; always the student.

Another dream came true when she opened the doors of the studio Yoga by the Way where she was teaching her daily Vinyasas, coaching teachers and have Teacher Trainings twice a year. In the beginning of 2014 she decides to become a full time teacher/student again and closed the doors of the studio and she is now teaching in Yoga studios in Playa del Carmen, giving workshops and teacher trainings. Holding special workshop weekends in the US and Europe.

Ellen’s uniquely designed Vinyasa Flow has become highly popular, drawing students from around the world to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where Ellen is based. Renowned in her field for her strength and helping her students to find their own strength Ellen will challenge you in class, but not without a special focus on safety, alignment, breath and meditation. Bringing into the practice that Yoga is not only asana but a great journey to take and if you let it a way of life.

Having trained with teachers such as Baron Baptiste, Erich Schiffman, Dharma Mitra, and Bryan Kest, Ellen now continues her studies with Para Yoga founder Rod Stryker who, amongst other things works in finding “supreme accomplishment” both in yoga practice and in life.

Please visit Ellen at http://www.ellendejonge.com