Argonaut profiles | Felicia Chong: Mother, Actress, Model, Adventurer and CEO of

Argonaut profiles | Felicia Chong: Mother, Actress, Model, Adventurer and CEO of

I am really excited to roll out this article as it will be the first in an on-going series that will profile the game-changers and world-shapers who will be joining Argo Adventure Labs for our upcoming re:chage sessions. The idea is to get to know these rock stars on a personal level and hear about their passion, mission and reasons for seeking adventure.

I am pleased to introduce Felicia Chong, CEO of AdoreFeli, Inc.

Adore yourself first, let your expression be worn!

As an Actress, model, and mother, whom has appeared in various Film, TV Shows, and print work for magazines and calendars Felicia Chong has always done her best to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Having been in front of camera’s most of her life, as a performer in dance and a varsity cheerleading  throughout  her youth and eventually earing a space in professional productions. Felicia has had many experiences, and have grown with and loved, to this day.  She also has had many experiences on, and behind the camera…From major films and TV productions to studio lots all over LA. Felicia is proud to be and inspiration for business leaders and women of today. Felicia had the privilege of working with many professionals in the entertainment industry; from recognizable celebrities, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, producers, directors and fashion designers.

Here are some words from Felicia herself about what drives her, and sustains her own high-performance;

“Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping centered has always been an important part of my life. It is an everyday practice.  aside from the fabulous fashion I present to you all, I always like to make sure that I, as CEO, am always well centered and humble at heart. Fitness and health are a huge importance to me. I  eat as healthy as I can,  keeping with organic brands along with regular  detox/fasting .Whether  preparing for photo shoots, a film project or just everyday life , a regular health practice is incredibly important.

Travel has always been a passion of mine as well. If I could go back in time, I would’ve chosen to travel right after high school and discover the world on my own and try to visit as many countries as possible. Most people  simply do not realize how important it is to travel… Aside from enjoying the vacation fun time, to me everything is a learning experience in life and there is no better way in doing. Meeting new people and their cultures along the way is the only way in opening your heart and where your mind can truly discover and grow in harmony with who you truly are inside. My background being a mix of Korean and African American Heritage, I have found that our world needs to understand that no matter how we feel about other cultures, we need to keep compassion towards one another today because it is what makes our world beautiful. With so many different histories to learn from, it only helps us grow and appreciate life that much more. We should be protecting it rather than fighting against one another, more kids are mixed with so many different cultures every day and we need to teach them how to embrace their culture and feeling safe in doing so”

We are so thrilled to have Felicia along for our Bali Adventure  June 5-11, 2017. She has created a specially curated selection of swim ware and lingerie perfect for our trip in magical Bali

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Check out her store, her story and come hang out with us in June!