Our Team

Every Argo Adventures re:charge session will feature a World-class dream team of deeply passionate experts
that will integrate our core team with best-in-class local chefs, tour operators and fitness experts.

We have chosen carefully to ensure that we can offer a broad range of skills and expertise to bring you
a truly elite experience that is versatile and adaptable to any desired level of fitness.
The intention is to create an experience that will immerse you in a sense of place and, help you stand in your power with authenticity.

As an added bonus, we will help you to develop a truly international community of like-minded friends and fellow adventurers around the world.

Embark on a week full of adventure, fitness, and great food

Jacklyn London, MS, RD, CDN

Chief Nutrition Officer

Nutrition is both my profession and my passion!

Jackie received her M.S. in clinical nutrition and dietetics from New York University, where she also completed her Dietetic Internship to earn registered dietitian (R.D.) status. She previously served as Senior Clinical Dietitian specializing in medical nutrition therapy for neurology, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.
Jackie also counseled clients at the private nutrition practice, Nutrition Energy here in NYC in the evenings, and was also remote dietitian for the nutrition-counseling iPhone app, Rise. She specialized in sports/endurance training and athletics, weight management, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, prenatal/lactation nutrition, food allergies/intolerances, and GI disorders.
Currently, Jackie serves as Good Housekeeping magazine’s nutrition director, where she is responsible for the creation, execution, and oversight of all of the magazine’s nutrition-related content across media platforms, including diet and meal planning content; nutrition and health news; product reviews; TV segments, and Good Housekeeping Seal applications in the food space.
As a life-long dancer, Jackie first developed my passion for nutrition through her studies of anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology. In studying nutrition, she was able to translate her interest in the mind-body connection to the study of food and health— a relationship that is absolutely is crucial to achieving (and maintaining!) health goals.
Jackie’s counseling background is deeply rooted in what she calls a, ‘lifestyle first’ approach to health and nutrition. She believes that developing an appropriate nutrition care plan takes a comprehensive analysis of what is best suited to each client’s specific goals and inevitable day-to-day challenges. Ultimately, it’s all about incorporating the science of what works with practical application and behavior change that works for you.

Please connect with Jackie @jaclynlondonRD on Twitter and Instagram