Quick-Charge Sessions

Adventure does not have to be a world away….Only feel like it is.

Embark on a 3-4 day quick-charge sessions focused on fitness, great food and dynamic people in breathtaking locations closer to home such as Ojai, Tahoe, Palm Springs and Temecula. The intention is to supporting you to break out of the routine and experience something truly different; Hot springs, paragliding, or desert hikes. While the pressures of everyday life can leave people feeling stifled and stressed, our aim is help people reconnect deeply with themselves and their surroundings.

If you’re wanting to make healthy resolutions but don’t know where to start, a retreat is a great place to begin. Over the course of the session, you will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of fitness methods and ways of healthy eating. You will also receive a personalized nutrition plan from our team of fitness and nutrition professionals. Return home feeling recharged and refreshed, armed with the skills to maintain the healthy lifestyle you enjoyed over the weekend. Transform your life through wellness.

Join Argo Adventure Labs for a Quick-charge of your humanity.

The goal is for you to feel more focused and energized, and to empower you to meet the high demands of your profession and daily life. The retreat is just the beginning of the healing process. The Argo team will continue to support your ongoing health and wellness journey, helping you put your new skills to use.

Throughout the duration of the retreat of your choosing, Argo Adventure Labs will provide you with a model for an active and healthy lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to see for yourself how much better you feel when you are focused, relaxed, and operating at optimum levels. It is our goal to promote a more rewarding lifestyle and enhance your mindset through fitness, adventure and entertainment. Not only will you feel great during your visit, you can incorporate these skills into your life and make every day more fulfilling.