Our Team

Every Argo Adventures re:charge session will feature a World-class dream team of deeply passionate experts
that will integrate our core team with best-in-class local chefs, tour operators and fitness experts.

We have chosen carefully to ensure that we can offer a broad range of skills and expertise to bring you
a truly elite experience that is versatile and adaptable to any desired level of fitness.
The intention is to create an experience that will immerse you in a sense of place and, help you stand in your power with authenticity.

As an added bonus, we will help you to develop a truly international community of like-minded friends and fellow adventurers around the world.

Embark on a week full of adventure, fitness, and great food

Venus Lau

Chief Movement Officer

Tune into your own individual body.

Venus’s approach to fitness is multiplanar movement with a focus on extension stemming from our center, core & spinal mobility, balance, posture, strength, function, and performance with the latest fitness knowledge for her clients to achieve their goals.

Her energetic nature and sense of humor suit all types of individuals. From actors to moms to athletes to recovering injuries, she has trained them all. And she also uses a variety of methods to train each client for their individual goals.

Venus has a roster of athletic/fitness experience, including 10 years of competitive golf, 7 years of competitive swimming, and has trained with multiple world-class strength & conditioning sports performance coaches and doctors. She’s worked at well-respected clubs like Equinox, Velocity Sports Performance, and Jonathan Club. But more importantly, Venus has a love and enthusiasm for constantly being a student of movement and fitness and is dedicated to sharing her passion with you. Every year she acquires new fitness workshop certifications to increase her knowledge. Venus practices what she preaches and regularly works out with bodyweight training, yoga, weights, mobility, and stability training.

Venus is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Movement Coach, Animal Flow Advanced Level 2 Instructor, & Golf Performance Coach.
Venus holds multiple training certifications (NASM-CPT, Kettlebell, TRX, Animal Flow L1 & L2, EFTI, Box ‘n Burn instructor certification) and has the unique background of playing NCAA Division-I golf for Baylor University.

Please visit Venus at http://venusfit.com